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Friday, February 09, 2007

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Cute Overload


  1. Anonymous4:25 AM

    wouaw this is so beautiful !!!

  2. Anonymous4:01 PM

    uhm i guess if u like beastiality. :-\

  3. Figrin9:35 PM

    Yeah, man. Whoever said that is seriously messed up.

  4. Anonymous12:33 AM

    Most likely some moron who just learned about beastiality and is itching to use the word.

  5. Anonymous4:02 AM

    always gotta be a perv givin' their 2 cents

  6. Anonymous6:38 AM

    kind of makes me hungry.

  7. Anonymous8:17 AM

    makes me hungey lol, the lil hot dog made me laugh

  8. Anonymous9:37 AM

    that is welli snelli that dog was gonna get moffed by the fatty
    why put a pupie in a bun
    ?????????????????????????????????? that aint fun

  9. Anonymous9:40 AM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Anonymous10:22 AM

    why can't people just look at cute little animals and not have to say anything gross about it? stop being so dirty.

  11. amanda10:50 AM

    the one with the dog and the grasshopper is so cute.. '''HIYAAAA ... be careful for i am the NINJA Grasshopper !!! beware my wraith!!!! '''

  12. Anonymous11:59 AM

    Beware your wraith? You have an undead spirit at your disposal? No fair, I want one too.

  13. Anonymous12:12 PM

    I find it funny that you noticed that he misspelled wrath, but you failed to notice that the picture contained a praying mantis, and not a grasshopper.

  14. Anonymous12:25 PM

    man that beastiality guy is such a perv. ruining the whole thing. i will kill u!!!!!! (this is the teamate to the killer bots)
    [-_-] [-_-] [-_-] [-_-] [-_-]

    but the best one is the dog in the hot dog bun (made me kinda hungry).

  15. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Omg, I love all the pics, they're so adorable.

  16. Anonymous1:44 PM

    What if the praying mantis thinks he's a wraith??? O.O

  17. Anonymous1:55 PM

    wont those racoons drown down there!! lol

  18. Anonymous2:11 PM

    sooooo sweet!!
    lv Nikki xx

  19. julia3:20 PM

    aw, that is so cute.
    stupid perv.

  20. Anonymous4:04 PM

    hahaha what did the perv say???
    oh and this is sooooo gay

  21. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Ok sooooooo ummmmmm yeah that first picture makes me wanna punch a spoiled kid

  22. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Gay really should not be used asa an insult. It's offensive.

  23. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Aw loved the photos but freaked out I have a pup like the hot puppy and now I am paraniod also the comment section is not a conversation log it is for COMMENTS

  24. Anonymous3:51 AM

    Of course it's offensive.. that's why it's a good insult!

  25. Anonymous9:11 AM

    whatever the photos were cute and kinda funny but only if you have a good sense of humor which is of course the reason why the second stupid person said beastiality because they have no sense of humor and yeah they are probaly mess up in the fact that they will never be able to properly enjoy life so they screwed themselves what does it matter to anyone but them

  26. Anonymous9:29 AM

    id like to bang some of those critters, cats give great head

  27. Anonymous12:53 PM

    It's fricken adorable the rest of you can go to ....hell.....there i said it

  28. Anonymous2:13 PM

    D'awww~! They're all so cuuuuute! X3 Lovely pics! Oh and...Er..It looks like some people need to go back to school and/or use spell check.

    PS: I want a trained attack wraith too! X3

  29. Anonymous2:49 AM

    The terroristcat is putting a bomb under your car =S

  30. Anonymous11:28 AM

    i hired that same squirrel to fix my muffler and he stole my gas tank!!!!

  31. Anonymous5:11 PM

    most of u guys are sikkos anyways my favorite was the panda ahh it reminds me of that google video panda sneezing hilarious and calm down people ive seen a cat in a bun w/ letuce!!!!

  32. Anonymous12:35 PM

    They are so ADORABLE!!!!

  33. Anonymous6:06 PM

    wait a minute, that was my car...

  34. Anonymous7:08 PM

    its cute.... i mean if your into that sort of thing...

  35. Anonymous10:31 PM

    whoever said about beastiality must have made that cat mad enough to stick a bomb under his car.

    Trained attack Wraiths of the world UNITE!

  36. Anonymous12:13 PM

    you know the first few comments arn't bad but when the brat who thinks they are the best speller it started going downhill people get a life... also that cat stole my muffler little twerp!!!

  37. Anonymous4:12 PM

    yup total beastiality

  38. Anonymous10:35 PM

    ...You all disgust me.

  39. Anonymous4:57 PM

    By the comments, goes to show Animals r so much better then people.. Anyone who is not touched by some of these pictures shows there personality.. Bitter, Insensitive, Coldhearted, n most likely cruel... I have to admit some of the comments (Like Preying Mantis) was funny. Oh n Thank God I dont know people like that. Pray for their families, God forbid people like that have children! N To the author, ty for sending these pics! =)

  40. très joli!

  41. Anonymous5:54 PM

    LOL... the praying mantis looks like he's gonna pull some kung fu move or something. AND for more cute animal pics, see www.cuteoverload.com. Warning...it CAN be addicting. ;-)


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