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Friday, November 14, 2008

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DENMARK: WHAT A SHAME, A SAD SHAME. THIS HAS TO BE SEEN. THERE IS NO WORST BEAST THAN HUMAN KIND ITSELF!!!!BRUTAL, Dantesque, bloody slaughter in the Faroe Islands, which belong to Denmark . A country supposedly 'civilized' & a European Union country. For many people this attack to life is unknown , to sensitivity. THIS bloody slaughter is an insane 'show' of entering adulthood! Is absolutely incredible that no one does anything to prevent this barbarism that are committed against Calderon, an intelligent dolphin who has the particularity of approaching people out of sheer curiosity. Some traditions just MUST STOP!PLEASE inform people.


  1. What the heck is the deal with whales? Not all species of whale are threatened by extinction or low populations, and nations like Denmark, Norway and Japan don't hunt threatened species.

    Honestly, I wish people would get this upset about how we treat cows. Cows are held in captivity, often without the chance to roam around, are fed food not naturally on their diet (i.e. not grass), are given hormone shots and lots of antibiotics. Whales, at least, enjoy a free life in their natural habitat before being turned into steaks.

  2. I'm not sure these animals are used for steaks. In some places there are "elk farms" where the animals are fed by humans every day, then they are sold to a hunting ranch where people pay to kill them. They have gotten used to people so guess what?? They just stand there and let them shoot them.
    Couldn't they just circumsize the guys instead of killing the animals? :)

  3. Anonymous8:27 AM


  4. ananta koirala4:58 AM

    Very Terrible n Bad thing. We human being are enjoying by killing others. One day we may kill each other to survive for food n water. WE are distroying ecosystem knowying and unknowyingly.

  5. Kevin3:54 PM

    This is not Denmark, this is faroe islands, they have got their own government and everything. It USED to be a dansih colony but isn't anymore.

    But yeah, whales, cows, pigs, bunnies, all the same, still murder.

  6. That's horrible. Though I guess, if it's for the purpose of food, then it is no different than farms or slaughter houses.

  7. What a horrible incident...

  8. That's totally barbaric :(

  9. Anonymous1:07 PM

    In response to Keera: Endangered whales are still hunted in Japan and around the world. *you really think they care?* Money makes the world go around. If you research you can see they they truly dont care. There are many animals out their that deserve our compassion so when images like this are seen we owe it to them to atleast feel some sort of pity because it truly is a sad thing and take some sort of action. Not only are livestock treated badly but theres also the dog and cat meat trade in China. Some dogs and cats even have their collars on. In France dogs and cats are used as live bait to hunt sharks.. All animals deserve some consideration =(

  10. Do people really do this...ugh...that is really horrible...

  11. Anonymous8:26 AM

    omg, the sea of blood !! makes me sick!

  12. LOOK AT ALL THE BLOOD-they need to study ecological HISTORY. This killing will affect all LIFE in that area. It will lead to them and they will be sorry for their actions when there is a huge increase in the unwanted fish and a decrease in healthy waters. Men can be so barbaric (spell?), that it's plain insane!


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